My New favorite drink: Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe


Happy Friday! Today I want to share my sort of new obsession, which is Matcha Green Tea lattes. I am one of those people that LOVES coffee, not because I need it to stay awake or be alert, but because I love the taste and smell. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t drink coffee for several reasons, so I tried to come up with a substitute. I had heard that green tea powder is really good for you (full of antioxidants), but I wasn’t so sure about the taste. WELL, I looked all over the internet for some ideas, and this is the recipe I fell in love with. It is so easy to make; in a couple of minutes you have a frothy delicious latte for 1/4 of the cost of Starbucks.

You will need:

Matcha Green Tea Powder (I like this one)

Vanilla Almond Milk- or whatever milk you like

Sugar (I use Stevia or Truvia)

A milk frother (I bought this one)

First, pour one cup of vanilla almond milk into a large mug. Microwave the milk for about 1-2 minutes or until it is HOT. Then add a teaspoon of Matcha Tea powder and mix really well until almost all the clumps are gone. If you used unsweetened almond milk, you will probably want to add sugar. I use one packet of Truvia. Then use your handy milk frother to mix it all together and make a nice frothy layer at the top. If you don’t have a milk frother, you can just mix everything in a blender and it will make it frothy.

Try it out this weekend!