Yellow Accents

Photo c/o Domino

I have always been a fan of using bright accent colors to bring life into a space. Right now, I am particularly fond of vibrant yellows; my living room is gray with yellow and black accents. I absolutely love the design of this New York apartment, owned by Jenna Lyons, the creative genius behind J. Crew. One would expect nothing less from the Soho apartment of someone as iconic and chic as Ms. Lyons. I love that the yellow accents are used sparingly, and that the black, white, and yellow color palette is softened by the addition of a neutral rug in the center of the space, and soft gray walls.  Also, the yellow sofa, while very noticeable, is not over-powering. This is the key to incorporating color into a room. Accent pieces are meant to just give a room a little pop; in other words, less is more.

Now if you are inspired by this look, but don’t have the urge to buy a yellow sofa, there are simple ways of incorporating color into a room. Mirrors, picture frames, side tables, throws, and rugs require less of a commitment than larger pieces of furniture. That way, if you get tired of a color, you can simply replace those pieces with new ones for a completely different look. I have put together a few pieces inspired by this living room. What is your favorite accent color?

Black and Yellow home accents


p.s. # 5 is one of my faves! I have one in black and one in white. They are very useful and chic.